The Bazaar of Bad Dreams Review

There are two distinct groups of people in the world: the ones who tell stories, and those who pay attention. People have been confabulating tales ever since we grasped the ability to communicate. In today’s popular culture, there is only a small amount of people wthe-bazaar-of-bad-dreamsho can compete with Stephen King. Over the past forty-years, he has set a high standard when it comes to storytelling.

Most adults would forget their nightmares. He doesn’t, and normally writes every detail of it. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is the compilation of all of those eerie narratives. From a husband who cannot accept his wife’s death, to a journalist whose fictional writings immediately become reality.

These ideas, however, are not always well executed. While the prose is competent, some of the universes created in these stories fell underwhelming. In tales such as “Under The Weather”, “Morality” or even “Afterlife”, there is a blatant attempt to deliver a higher message, as we witness the unravel of King’s new façade: not only does he want to entertain, he wants to make the reader think beyond. Ironically, this is where the book reveals its weaknesses.

Despite these minor inconsistencies, every story in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is competent at entertaining. The narratives engulf the reader in King’s universe, making the reader forget about reality for a few minutes. After all, this is all it matters. It is the purported goal of fiction, isn’t it?


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