The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins – A review

It has not been many years since we grasped the idea that humans can understand the laws that govern the universe. This immense accomplishment was only made possible due to the actions of many ingenious scientific minds. Richard Dawkins might be considered one of those brilliant individuals.Indeed, one of the precepts of his book is to address the numerous quarrels sparkled by “creationists” regarding the ideas proposed by Charles Darwin, 150 years ago.

 During its genesis, the theory of evolution was just a coherent hypothesis elaborated by a great scientist. Today, the advent of many other branches of knowledge – namely genetics – the theory has become undeniable fact. It becomes obvious, then, that the goal of the book is not to persuade the reader to believe in evolution, but to enlighten about the evidence for such assumptions.

As a staunch supporter of reason and critical thinking, his purported goal with this book might be to attack the unenlightened “creationists”. Although some of these individuals are perfectly aware of the overwhelming evidence, they still fervently deny it. Some are obdurate and blinded by faith, others are just perfectly reasonable people who suspend their logic to support the religious texts, who argue otherwise.

Above all else, “The Greatest Show on Earth” is an eclectic, beautiful journey through the captivating world of empirical biology. Elegant in style, yet perfectly understandable, this book instills within the reader fundamental basis of the scientific method, the pillar of unrestricted critical thinking.


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