Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley – A review

In Huxley’s universe, no idea was too onerous to be written on paper. Throughout a long and successful career as a novelist, he always tried to guarantee his narratives contained the necessary substance to be considered intemporal.

Crome Yellow” – his first attempt at fiction writing – feels underwhelming in comparison. It is understandable. Released on the verge of what came to be known as “The Roaring Twenties” – an epoch of particular economic and technological prosperity – the novel denounces all of the cynicism imbued in that particular era and, although Huxley seems to struggle with the development of certain components of storytelling such as character development, he is guilty of excelling at language. Huxley bestows the reader with erudite, yet understandable prose, capable of inciting an intense amount of pleasure to people who admire and obsess about the infinitude of words.

The author’s ideas, vociferated by Dennis – the protagonist of this story- might sound contemporary for their brilliance and poignancy, but still resonate of a classic era. In “Crome Yellow” Huxley’s modern façet still dormant, yet the mentality-shift that occurred in him and many of his contemporaries, during that period is still entertaining to observe.


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