Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King – A review

Stephen King needs no introduction, and his stories no explanation. They just fill in an entire parallell universe while becoming embeded in eatern civilization’s pop-culture.

In Mr. Mercedes, a 66 year old King does something his rather advanced age could not have permited: irreverence. And, although the formula of the novel might seem overdone, he adds is little twist to it.

Brady Hartsfield is the phsychopath King portrays in this novel. A tormented yet intelligent young man, whose infancy proved troubled. Now, revealing the killer is by no means a spoiler, because you become aware of is identity very early in the novel. Therefore, Mr. Mercedes is not a mystery story, but a well told detective story between Brady, and a retired police officer. Brady had run over 9 people at a job fair and got away with it. Hodges, the detective, is watching tv and considering suicide when he receives a letter from him: “I had pleasure in doing it, but I won’t do it again.” This drives the rest of the plot.The coherent, engaging, well constructed prose, believable characters, situations, it is all there, for us to endure and enjoy.

Engaging, emotional, and most importantly, immensly entertaining, MR. Mercedes brings out the best in popular literature. A must read for all of us who dearly love alternate realities. Our own isn’t enough, after all.




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